Each market has its own specifics and it is necessary to elaborate in detail all the details in order to create a unique cargo supply scheme.
Other services
Other services
Our company also offers customs broker services and cargo insurance services.
Road transport services
Road transport services
We have a long-term experience of road haulage. On request, we transport from 100kg to very large, tens of tons of cargo weighing.
Logistics services
Logistics services
The favorable geographical location, near the main European transport corridors and the Kaunas airport, with the railway connection enabled the company to form a complete package of logistics services.
Projects logistics
Projects logistics
Our company also works with non-standard projects, such as organization of oversized cargo transportation, and more.


Warehousing services

We can offer complex warehousing services, which include acceptance, consolidation and distribution of goods, transportation to the customer, handling of information related to the movement of goods, etc.

International transportation

Contact us - we will calculate and optimize your logistics costs and provide the most suitable option. And you can calmly perform your core business.

Customs brokerage services

Experienced specialists will take care of all the necessary documents and resolve all issues related to customs duties.

Transport and Logistics

JSC "Jurana" specializes in international transportation between Europe and CIS countries. It also offers reliable and efficient solutions for cargo warehousing and customs procedures in Lithuania and Poland, as well as customs clearance in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries. When executing orders, we pay special attention to delivery terms, provide regular and prompt information on the location of goods.

About us

Our company's skilled specialists with many years of experience in the field of transport expedition work to provide logistics services as part of the success of each of our clients. The desire to be superior to others helps us to set ourselves the maximum goals: the development of long-term partnerships and mutual beneficial relations, high quality of services performed, prompt and informative service levels, and continuous pursuit of their implementation.


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